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net.infonode.tabbedpanel Core classes for creating and using tabbed panels and tabs 

Uses of TabEvent in net.infonode.tabbedpanel

Subclasses of TabEvent in net.infonode.tabbedpanel
 class TabDragEvent
          TabDragEvent is an mouseEvent that contains information about the tab that is beeing dragged from a tabbed panel and a point specifying the mouse coordinates.
 class TabRemovedEvent
          TabRemovedEvent is an event that contains information about the tab that was removed from a tabbed panel and the tabbed panel it was removed from.
 class TabStateChangedEvent
          TabStateChangedEvent is a state changed event.

Methods in net.infonode.tabbedpanel with parameters of type TabEvent
 void TabListener.tabAdded(TabEvent event)
          Called when a tab is added or inserted to a TabbedPanel
 void TabListener.tabDragAborted(TabEvent event)
          Called when an ongoing tab drag is aborted.
 void TabListener.tabMoved(TabEvent event)
          Called when a tab is moved, i.e. dragged to another position in the tab area
 void TabAdapter.tabAdded(TabEvent event)
 void TabAdapter.tabDragAborted(TabEvent event)
 void TabAdapter.tabMoved(TabEvent event)

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