Class TabLayoutPolicy

  extended bynet.infonode.util.Enum
      extended bynet.infonode.tabbedpanel.TabLayoutPolicy
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Writable

public final class TabLayoutPolicy
extends Enum

TabLayoutPolicy defines how the tabs in a tabbed panel's tab area can be laid out.

$Revision: 1.9 $
See Also:
TabbedPanel, TabbedPanelProperties, Serialized Form

Field Summary
static TabLayoutPolicy COMPRESSION
          Compression layout policy.
static TabLayoutPolicy[] LAYOUT_POLICIES
          Array with all available layout policies.
static TabLayoutPolicy SCROLLING
          Scrolling layout policy.
Method Summary
static TabLayoutPolicy[] getLayoutPolicies()
          Gets the tab layout policies.
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Field Detail


public static final TabLayoutPolicy SCROLLING
Scrolling layout policy. This means that the tabs are laid out in a line. The line of tabs will be scrollable if not all tabs can fit into the visible part of the tabbed panel's tab area at the same time.


public static final TabLayoutPolicy COMPRESSION
Compression layout policy. This means that the tabs are laid out in a line. The tabs will be downsized (compressed) so that they fit into the visible part of the tab area.


public static final TabLayoutPolicy[] LAYOUT_POLICIES
Array with all available layout policies.

Method Detail


public static TabLayoutPolicy[] getLayoutPolicies()
Gets the tab layout policies.

the tab layout policies
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