Uses of Interface

Packages that use PropertyChangeListener Property maps are used for storage of property values.  

Uses of PropertyChangeListener in

Methods in with parameters of type PropertyChangeListener
 void PropertyMap.addPropertyChangeListener(Property property, PropertyChangeListener listener)
          Adds a property listener that listens for value changes for a specific property.
 void PropertyMap.removePropertyChangeListener(Property property, PropertyChangeListener listener)
          Removes a previously added property listener.
static void PropertyMapWeakListenerManager.addWeakPropertyChangeListener(PropertyMap map, Property property, PropertyChangeListener listener)
          Adds a weak property change listener to a PropertyMap.
static void PropertyMapWeakListenerManager.removeWeakPropertyChangeListener(PropertyMap map, Property property, PropertyChangeListener listener)
          Removes a listener previously added with PropertyMapWeakListenerManager.addWeakPropertyChangeListener(PropertyMap,,

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