Class BackgroundPainterColorProvider

  extended bynet.infonode.gui.colorprovider.AbstractColorProvider
      extended bynet.infonode.gui.colorprovider.BackgroundPainterColorProvider
All Implemented Interfaces:
ColorProvider, Serializable

public class BackgroundPainterColorProvider
extends AbstractColorProvider

Finds the most suitable background color of a component. If the component has a ComponentPainter that paint its background, like for example a shaped panel, the color is taken from this painter, otherwise the component background color is used.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
static BackgroundPainterColorProvider INSTANCE
          The only instance of this class.
Method Summary
 Color getColor(Component component)
          Returns the color obtained from the given component.
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Field Detail


public static final BackgroundPainterColorProvider INSTANCE
The only instance of this class.

Method Detail


public Color getColor(Component component)
Description copied from interface: ColorProvider
Returns the color obtained from the given component.

Specified by:
getColor in interface ColorProvider
getColor in class AbstractColorProvider

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