Class PropertyMapManager


public class PropertyMapManager
extends Object

Utility class for performing multiple modifications to PropertyMap's and merging change notifications to optimize performance.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void beginBatch()
          Begins a batch operation.
 void endBatch()
          Ends a batch operation.
static PropertyMapManager getInstance()
          Returns the only instance of this class.
static void runBatch(Runnable runnable)
          Executes a method inside a beginBatch() - endBatch() pair.
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Constructor Detail


public PropertyMapManager()
Method Detail


public static PropertyMapManager getInstance()
Returns the only instance of this class.

the only instance of this class


public static void runBatch(Runnable runnable)
Executes a method inside a beginBatch() - endBatch() pair. See beginBatch() for more information. It's safe to call other batch methods from inside

runnable - the runnable to invoke


public void beginBatch()
Begins a batch operation. This stores and merges all change notifications occuring in all property maps until endBatch() is called. Each call to this method MUST be followed by a call to endBatch(). This method can be called an unlimited number of times without calling endBatch() in between, but each call must have a corresponding call to endBatch(). Only when exiting from the outermost endBatch() the changes be propagated to the listeners.


public void endBatch()
Ends a batch operation. See beginBatch() for more information.

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