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Packages that use IconProvider
net.infonode.docking.action Action classes for docking windows. 
net.infonode.gui.action Action related classes. 
net.infonode.tabbedpanel.titledtab TitledTab is a tab type with support for text, icon and a custom Swing component 

Uses of IconProvider in net.infonode.docking.action

Classes in net.infonode.docking.action that implement IconProvider
 class CloseOthersWindowAction
          Closes all tabs (with abort possibility) except the one belonging to the window the action is performed upon in the AbstractTabWindow parent of the window.
 class CloseWindowAction
           Closes a window using the DockingWindow.close() method.
 class CloseWithAbortWindowAction
          Closes a window using the DockingWindow.closeWithAbort() method.
 class DockingWindowAction
          An action that can be performed on a DockingWindow.
 class DockWindowAction
          Docks a window using the DockingWindow.dock() method.
 class DockWithAbortWindowAction
          Docks a window using the DockingWindow.dockWithAbort() method.
 class MaximizeWindowAction
          Maximizes a TabWindow.
 class MaximizeWithAbortWindowAction
          Maximizes a TabWindow.
 class MinimizeWithAbortWindowAction
          Minimizes a window.
 class NullWindowAction
          Does nothing.
 class RestoreFocusWindowAction
          Uses the DockingWindow.restoreFocus() method to restore focus to the last focus owner that inside a window.
 class RestoreParentWindowAction
          Restores a window using the DockingWindow.restore() method.
 class RestoreParentWithAbortWindowAction
          Restores a window using the DockingWindow.restore() method.
 class RestoreViewWithAbortTitleBarAction
           Restores a window using the DockingWindow.restoreWithAbort() method.
 class RestoreWithAbortWindowAction
          Restores a window using the DockingWindow.restore() method.
 class StateDependentWindowAction
          Performs different actions on a window depending on the state of the window.
 class UndockWindowAction
          Undocks a window using the DockingWindow.undock(Point) method.
 class UndockWithAbortWindowAction
          Undocks a window using the DockingWindow.undockWithAbort(Point) method.

Uses of IconProvider in net.infonode.gui.action

Classes in net.infonode.gui.action that implement IconProvider
 class SimpleAction
          An action with an icon and a title.

Uses of IconProvider in net.infonode.tabbedpanel.titledtab

Classes in net.infonode.tabbedpanel.titledtab that implement IconProvider
 class TitledTab
          A TitledTab is a tab that has support for text, icon and a custom Swing component (called title component).

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