Package net.infonode.docking.theme

Contains theme classes for docking windows.


Class Summary
BlueHighlightDockingTheme A theme where the tab of the focused window has a blue background.
ClassicDockingTheme A theme with a "classic" look with round edges for the tabs.
DefaultDockingTheme A helper class that contains an empty theme.
DockingWindowsTheme A docking windows theme.
GradientDockingTheme A theme that draws gradient tab backgrounds.
LookAndFeelDockingTheme An experimental theme that tries to replicate the look of the active look and feel.
ShapedGradientDockingTheme A theme with tabs with rounded edges, gradient backgrounds and support for slopes on left/right side of tab.
SlimFlatDockingTheme A theme very slim theme that doesn't waste any screen space.
SoftBlueIceDockingTheme A light blue theme with gradients and rounded corners.

Package net.infonode.docking.theme Description

Contains theme classes for docking windows.

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